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  • Candyman


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  • Candyman



    I’m not sure if it is kids, age, or pandemic but this is a movie any other year I would’ve seen opening night Thursday at 7 pm. Instead I watch it a month after it comes out and a week after it’s VOD release. 

    I loved this. It was truly i lncredible. So many films and directors come in mind but Dacosta and Peele are true individuals. 

    I’ll preface all remarks by saying I haven’t seen Nia Dacosta’s first movie.…

  • Dirty Work

    Dirty Work


    Haven’t seen this in 20 years. I remember loving this when I was 10-11. 

    Great 90s soundtrack. 

    Norms passing brought me back to this. Clear he had a hand in joke writing. 


    Chevy Chase is also great here. He is really talented and also kind of a headcase. 

    “50k in 2 weeks how are we gonna do that???” What a great high concept premise here. 

    Kathy prototypical 90s love interest.

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  • Any Given Sunday

    Any Given Sunday


    Why did Oliver stone put himself in this?

    Just found out Al Pacino is a TWIN DAD. 

    It really is an interesting look at a move from the old run the ball star running back game to spread offense and pass it on first down. 

    Spartacus not only playing in the background but interspliced with this movie. Stone. King of subtly . 

    Oliver stone is a better screen writer than director. 

    James Wood is a horrible person but he was damn good in the scene with Pacino confronting him. 

    The early CTE stuff is interesting. Just about 10 years early. Clearly this was always known.

  • The Ladykillers

    The Ladykillers


    I LOVED this. Top tier Coens easily and that 3rd rivals some of their best in Fargo, No Country, and Lebowski. 

    I saw this when it came out in 04 but Didn’t appreciate it. critically or didn’t hit either. I’m thinking as their follow up to O’ Brother it wasn’t well accepted. 

    This is a top 5 Tom Hanks. And the only time he plays a Villian? Is he even a Villian?

    JK Simmons and Marlon Wayans chew the shit…