And the Whole Sky Fit in the Dead Cow's Eye ★★★★

A short, lovely marvel of a film with some echoes to similarly-themed explorations of the infinite (the guitar over the final scene reminded me a bit of Neil Young's score for DEAD MAN) but very much its own creature, especially as an exploration of time as seasonal and cyclical, the idea of living the life of a grower or a farmer, and dealing with sudden change or catastrophe-the idea of production vs earning, spectacle of public belief and secondhand experience vs personal conviction--many big themes balanced throughout the film's short running time, often wordlessly, by Francisca Alegria's camera--there are some stunningly beautiful shots here--my favorite being one of a field saturated by water, a few tall plants poking through the surface, swimming with the reflection of the moon in the night sky above, cast on the waters--temporary and somehow eternal.