It's Not Just You, Murray! ★★★

Finally watching this student film Martin Scorsese made during his time at NYU genuinely feels like filling in the missing section of a blueprint for the director--despite a lot of shots and editing that feel very much like student film (and what must have been a low budget--the film was apparently shot largely in the director's apartment and his mother makes her onscreen debut as, err, a mother), this has the energy and a lot of the tics of the director's career, managing to cram in themes of fallibility, trust, male ego, the lure of material success etc, into its fifteen minute running time, culminating in a sequence I was not expecting. Watching the scene where the police raid Murray's bootlegging operation and the apologetic, self-justifying voiceover contrasts with the jagged slapstick energy of the chase sequence that's being shown, one has to marvel at just how fully-formed Scorsese was starting out. I mean, this thing is FUN (the ah, comic timing when Murray and his friend are staring at the family photos is pretty aces)

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