Men in Black: International

Men in Black: International ★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

Despite all the CG aliens and general flouting of the laws of physics here, the bit that felt the most far-fetched to me is the scene where Tessa Thompson convinces Emma Thompson (underutilized here by a LOT) and her men not to neuralize her, and instead take her on as an agent by talking about her childhood alien trauma and how she has no life and doesn't believe in work-life balance and will work really hard for the good of the agency, while Thompson purses her lips and raises her brows--it was like a platonic vision of some horrible internship gone wrong - add to that the weird rivalry between Chris Hemsworth's H and Rafe Spall's C over the affections of Liam Neeson's ahhh, 'High' T (Overutilized, probably) and the predictable directions the 'reboot the franchise' approach to the story goes here with regards to the Men in Black, their international stations and their alien friends, and you have a film that's sort of fascinatingly ambivalent in its approach to the dynamics of pursuing a career as a team member of some organization for the Greater Good (/hot fuzz voice).

Also, was it just me or was that subplot of the twin galaxy aliens trying to do anything to save their planet from the hive just....dropped unceremoniously before the last 15 minutes? Take THAT, Chandler.

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