Police Story

Police Story ★★★★½

1) Man, it's weird to see Jackie Chan (even threatening to) use a gun.

2) Apart from that, I'm still processing. This is a remarkably ...MOVIE of a movie, if that makes sense. The pacing and scripting feels like it was plotted out--not workshopped, but really PLANNED to be a well-oiled machine and it works really well, from the police briefing that acts as shorthand exposition, to the opening sting, the comic relief stuff and the trial and the complications.....

3) Jackie Chan's persona has definitely fluctuated over the years, but he works really well here as a mix of a goofball, jerk, and serious heroic figure because the goofball jerk stuff feels like a mask that drops when things get very serious.

4) Maggie Cheung and Brigette Lin are very game for putting up with stuff in this movie, and I felt v. bad for them.

5) That bit at the end where Jackie slides down the pole and smashes through the glass really did deserve to be replayed in slow motion twice.

6) Likewise, it's a bit discomforting that the film ends on a note of police brutality that's (sort of) for laughs, but if ever a situation called for an arresting officer to snap, this one might be it. IDK.

7) Seriously, that whole bit where Jackie catches the bus? I was worried the film was going to peak early, and it didn't.

8) Every Jackie Chan film should have a scene where he gets a pie in the face.

9) So much broken glass, send help.

10) The soundtrack here is REALLY good, in an 80s way. Nice mix of FULL CONTACT style rock guitars, lighter synths, etc.

11) Really appreciated the Jackie Chan outtakes at the end-they were a bit more lighthearted than I was expecting, given some of the serious scenes here, but there were a few genuine jawdroppers (That bit where the car flips going down the hill in the opening chase, good lord)

12) Anyhow, I really can't believe it took me this long to catch Police Story but I'm glad I finally did--probably my new favorite Jackie Chan movie once I give it time to settle--always nice when a film lives up to the hype!

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