Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Okay, I could nitpick this thing to death and talk about the source material and give it a largely negative review, or I could talk about how Spielberg seems to be having fun here and how it feels very current in the way it's trying to connect an older generation choked in nostalgia with a younger generation whose opportunities have been constrained in creating legitimate hope for the future and give it a positive review, but more than that, I'll just say, having seen THE RETURN, how, for a moment, when Mark Rylance got down on his knees and offered Tye Sheridan that big golden egg, I half-expected to see Sheryl Lee's face floating in it, at which I point I would have given this thing SEVENTEEN STARS.

Also I still like DVD/Blu-Ray but I'm disappointed there wasn't an extra on this disc that's just footage of Spielberg sitting and listening to Unknown Pleasures in order to decide whether or not he feels the Joy Division shirt is appropriate for Olivia Cooke's character.

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