Slugs ★★

Back in the day, when it was fresher in my mind, I used to use the film 'Squirm' as a sort of dividing line between bad films and good ones--the idea was that a movie about killer worms that look like piles of spaghetti and screech like bats isn't a GOOD film, per se, but that Squirm was the best possible killer worm movie it could be, and if I found myself comparing a film to it unfavorably, then it was probably safe to say it was a bad movie. Likewise, if If I liked something MORE than Squirm, it was probably something that I'd feel comfortable defending to others.

Of course, I haven't watched Squirm in years, and I'm not sure what I'd make of it now. Slugs: The Movie isn't quite as good as Squirm, I don't think, but it's also part of a genre (infestation of killer slimy things) that I'm not as comfortable watching as I used to be for personal reasons, and so there were a number of times I found myself shifting and scratching my arms uncomfortably while I was taking this in. I can't say I enjoyed it, per se, but it does seem to have everything that one would hope to get out of a killer slug movie from the 1980s: An environmental message, exploding greenhouses, piles and piles of slugs, slugs interrupting people having sex, slugs bursting out of a hapless schlub's cranium, and a slug-infested climax in the sewers. Also bad dubbing, but I'm not sure if that was a requirement so much as it was the cherry on the sundae. If I'd seen this ten or even three years ago, I might have really liked it. Instead I'm going to go outside and dump salt all over the front lawn..........

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