The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

"Where am I?"
"In Heaven. God's over there."


I may do a longer, more spoiler-y analysis of The Favourite once I get my thoughts in order (and also do a bit of research, because I'm really NOT an expert on the period in which Queen Anne ruled England) but for now, two observations, both regarding Olivia Colman's central performance here.

1) The Lobster is pretty tragic, and The Killing of a Sacred Deer is horrible (in the literal sense, i.e. it contains a great horror) but The Favourite, to me, seems like Lanthimo's SADDEST English-language film. A lot of that is contained in Colman's character and the way she portrays Anne. A quick example of what I mean by way of comparison--you know how when BOOGIE NIGHTS comes up, everyone praises Wahlberg's 'Moment of Clarity' scene? And how it might be the legit best acting Marky Mark has ever done? How the camera holds on his face as the viewer fills in the stimulus around him, sees how destructive his, ah, immediate environment is, and feels him make the connection that he's in hell, and he has to start clawing his way out. RIGHT. AWAY. There's a moment like that with Colman after about the first third of the movie, during the dance party sequence, where she's watching Rachel Weisz get funky, and the camera holds on her face and she realizes that she's in hell because things aren't going to be, can't be what she wants them to be--only, unlike Mark Wahlberg's arc--she's queen. She's at the top. She's what's holding the world around her together. There's nowhere to go but down. Happiness is fleeting, but pain is constant, and Anne understands it completely, and Colman TRANSMITS it with her eyes and a widening of her mouth and it's completely, utterly heartbreaking. So yeah, she probably deserved that Oscar.

2) If they ever make a live-action Wyrd Sisters adaptation (or whichever), Olivia Colman would be PERFECT for Nanny Ogg. This is all.

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