Knight of Cups ★★★★½

A series of images from an alienated city, strung together with almost no coherence. There is no certain sense of time in Knight Of Cups, as we move along and follow the main protagonist, played by Christian Bale, who has merely become nothing more but a spectator. With the wounds that have been set in stone all throughout his life, he meanders through an empty world, devoided of all feeling and connection. We observe through his eyes at the decaying, urban jungle that is LA. He attends parties that are filled with no meaning and no substance. He meanders from one familiar place to another, which is simply maddening as the repetitious cycle never ends. This is what Knight Of Cups is; a maddening spiral into the future. Events occur without hesitation. There is never a certain sense of peace or breathing room. We cannot control life, we must endure it, even if it has been reduced to a setting that we are completely unsure of. The use of digital compliments the certain detachment of Bale's life that has been reduced to a montage of uncertainty. Knight Of Cups might possibly be Malick's scariest film yet, as well as his most personal.

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