Creed ★★★★½

I don't have that much more to say than what I previously said about this movie. It's wonderfully acted - Jordan and Stallone were really just amazing in honest, heartfelt performances. There's so much detail put into the direction and making it both unique and thrilling. Ryan Coogler deserved award season recognition! The story is a feel good underdog story that fits perfectly in the Rocky canon - it makes you want to take on the world! Probably the best montage of the series and the music drops kill!!

I guess if I was to add anything - it's also amazing that it's a story about a kid who feels he's under pressure to step out of the shadow of his famous name... And the actor who plays this kid is named Michael B. Jordan... How perfect is that?

Now that it's on blu-ray, this will be one of those movies that I pop in as a 'comfort film'. It's a future classic.

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