John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum ★★★★

Sometimes you need to cut a motherfucker! 

Damn dude, they are going to run out of ways to kill people... AND people to kill! John had to travel halfway around the world to find some thugs that don’t duck for cover to blast in the head!

Just as well because the enemies finally leveled up a bit, got some new tricks and learned to karate chop!

This film was over the top and a tad overwhelming considering they stretched themselves a bit and didn’t quite get to a conclusion. We left the theater asking ourselves if we got any closure to this saga - that still finds a way to be fresh by delivering no holds bar action - but could play itself out quickly if they aren’t careful.

And maybe it’s because I grew up with action stars like Sly and Arnold but sometimes I want Wick to let loose with a ridiculous one-liner after a kill... Something about an overdue book... Or I’ve got to return this before it’s overdue... like you! SLAP! ... Now if you excuse me I have to return some video tapes

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