Ford v Ferrari

Ford v Ferrari ★★★★

For a film following a fast-paced racing car theme, it can be slow at times; and I’m sure the runtime doesn’t do it any favours, but it succeeds at quite a lot.

Christian Bale continues to amaze me as an actor. His characterisation of Ken Miles is actually very impressive. His accent at times can come off as stereotypical but it genuinely works.

Another standout is Tracy Letts as Henry Ford (II). His charisma makes his character. He also seems to have the best scenes imo.

Something which I noticed which is very strong is the short tonal shifts in a LOT of scenes. Obviously I can’t go into detail with them, but there are a lot of them and every single one works; none of them feel out of place.

The film is also surprisingly funny and tbh I think the cast may have elevated a lot of the jokes but nevertheless, most of them worked.

Some other positives is that the camerawork in the racing sequences are breathtaking and the storytelling can be subtle at times but it’s brilliantly done.

Like I said the film may be a bit too long and some more-to-minor castings were quite weak, but saying that, there are some really deep themes which are overlooked in most racing films which was explored quite a bit in the second half of this film (which I find quite relevant to modern times). Overall the film works.

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