Hocus Pocus ★★

Probably one of those movies that you can only really love if you see it for the first time when you're young.

This isn't awful, but it's not particularly good either.

The ladies playing the witches certainly give it their all, particularly Bette Midler, whose screen presence is as impressive here as ever.

Unfortunately, the children are all pretty hard to watch, and the voice acting for Binx is also a bit cringy, with a weird, overly statesman tone.

The characters are all under-developed, and the film lamely tries to disguise this by having character names uttered an absurdly unrealistic and unnatural number of times, particularly Binx.

The writing in general leaves a lot to be desired, with lots of cliches and obvious procedural trudging filling in around the relatively interesting and niche premise.

Things are light-hearted and decently fast-paced, and there's a bit of humor here and there that will land even if you aren't watching this with your Nostalgia Glasses on.

Still, even as family-friendly holiday movies go, this is only slightly above-average, and given the general state of that genre, that's not exactly a compliment.

If you're about 10 years old, or if you were when you first saw this, I'm sure it's a great time. For the rest of us, it's cute and not much else.

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