The Overnight

The Overnight ★★½

A decently well-shot film that tries to balance awkward comedy with prodding questions about insecurity with ourselves and in relationships, and how those insecurities affect us.

The problem is that it's not funny enough to work outright as a comedy, and it's not grounded or fleshed out enough to work as a truly thought-provoking or interesting exploration of the inner.

The cast all does fine, particularly Schwartzman, and this is fairly nice where the camerawork and editing are concerned. It's also very short (79 minutes), so even when it's slow, it never manages to bore.

That said, there's just not much here. The prosthetic dicks are a fun gag, but that's all they are, and the filmmakers arguably wear that idea thin a bit.

Still, if you're looking for a quick, competent, and mildly enjoyable film in this vein, here it is.

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