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  • The Aura

    The Aura

    3.4 is this film's average rating on letterboxd. Out of every newly added score of every movie I've ever seen, this is the the one that annoyed me the most. No, scratch that. This is the only score that actually annoyed me. Also the three most popular reviews are all negative. That didn't help. I had to rewatch it this week.

    Everything about this movie works for me. Ricardo Darin gives an excellent performance. His main character, Espinosa, makes his…

  • The Apartment

    The Apartment

    Film #29 of the "Scavenger Hunt" Challenge


    16. A film you wish could be the story of your life!
    One of the most important achievements in modern Greek literature is "Ithaca" by Kavafis. The poem talks about the Odyssey, about the hero's efforts to return to his homeland and all the improbable obstacles he faces on his way home. After a couple of verses, it emphasizes on the possibility that succeeding in his quest won't be as fulfilling…