Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

my mom’s thoughts throughout the movie:

“oh, i love him!” when Al Pacino appeared 
“Brad Pitt looks younger here than he does in Ad Astra.”
“hey weren’t we there the other day?”
“this is not true, nobody could beat Bruce Lee.”
“there are so many bad words in this movie!”
“oh god WHY?” at Pussycat’s armpit hair
“Leonardo is really good in this movie.”
“the outfits and cars are so accurate to the time period.” 
“this turned into a horror movie.”
*gasps and starts cursing in Armenian when Cliff bashes the girl’s face*
“why doesn’t she just go under water?” when Rick barbecues the other one

she loved the movie though! and the cast. but she wasn’t a fan of all the feet. 
she also really loved brad pitt’s all white outfit. i really am my mother’s daughter.

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