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Let's make one thing clear right now before we get into the bulk of this review: Ada is precious and must be protected at all fucking costs. Literally the cutest thing I've ever seen. This is coming from a guy who found the "Eraserhead" baby kinda oddly cute, so you KNOW I mean this...

Anyway, right off the bat: this is far less of a horror than I expected. I was lucky enough to have one of my friends see this before I did because he told me to expect something more along the lines of a drama. I'm glad he said this, because if I were going into the theater expecting a horror film, I probably would have liked this movie a lot less than I did. But, expecting a drama with a light side of horror, I was pleased with the experience I was given!

This one's definitely a slow burn. It's so slow in fact, that I found myself spacing out a few too many times during its duration. So if you're somebody who can't deal with a film that crawls to its climax, then this definitely is not for you. But otherwise, this is a pretty great film. The whole thing sports this slow, but very ominous buildup to a finale that is pretty much guaranteed to catch you by surprise. It's a story about nature, love, time, wrath, etc. The whole nine, basically. There's a lot of reading into this you can do.

But again, I cannot emphasize this enough, Ada. Oh my god. She alone gets stars across the board.

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