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  • The Glass Slipper

    The Glass Slipper


    "Nevertheless," it's a nice word. Isn't it pleasant to sit and exchange words with a friend?

    You know Leslie Caron is a good actress because there's a whole sequence where she actually pretends like she needs to be taught how to dance by Michael Wilding.

    Is this my favorite Cinderella film adaptation? Yes. I love how quirky and bitchy Leslie Caron's Cinder-Ella is, she's not the saintly little blonde maidservant who sings to birds and takes ridicule like a martyr,…

  • It Should Happen to You

    It Should Happen to You


    It's just a theory of mine, that not only where there's a will there's a way, but where there's a way there's a will, see?

    Watched this for Jack Lemmon, in his film debut, and what an introductory role it is for him!! I adore him as an indie documentary filmmaker sticking his camera in people's faces and preaching manifestation. But let's be real, Judy Holliday is the star of the show here, and she's terrific. They make such an…

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  • The Lady Vanishes

    The Lady Vanishes


    Omg I loved this. Getting into it was a bit slow, and I was worried it wouldn't quite grab me, because The 39 Steps previously left me underwhelmed. The Lady Vanishes, however...a riot!! It's basically a screwball comedy with a heaping dose of dry British wit and a mystery that just gets stranger and stranger until it's a full-on adventure! This was right up my alley and is now in my top 3 Hitchcock films.

  • Amélie



    My idea of a perfect film.

    This movie found me at the perfect time and changed my life much like Amélie's serendipitous discovery of the little tin of childhood treasures hidden in her wall. I was 16 years old, the year 2012. Home in the middle of an early summer Tuesday, scanning the TV channels for something entertaining, I saw it. "Oh, a French movie," I thought, mildly intrigued as I had been taking French in high school.

    I have…