Love on a Leash

Love on a Leash ½

oh. my. god. absolutely bananas. I am simultaneously in awe of the fact that this entire thing was made in the first place, like you can't make this movie without a cast, crew, a trained dog, etc. and yet...this is the most poorly written thing I've ever seen. It's jaw-droppingly bad. Hilariously bad. Nothing could have prepared me for how bad this movie is. But like that's the thing about movies, even jaw-droppingly bad things are a big undertaking to bring to fruition. what was the process of acting in this film like? rehearsing? post production? voiceover?

they obviously put some effort and at least two thoughts into this, considering everything the main character owns is green, from her car to her clothes, apartment walls, dishes...and her best friend exclusively wears pink. and the casting? the "black best friend" is not a bad actress but her role is written so stereotyped...did she take this job thinking this would further her career? did she resonate with this storyline, this character?? how much did she get paid??? man, the more I think about all this, what a process to achieve such an insane result. it's impressive.

Those were my first impressions, I have since attempted to answer some of my questions about how and why this movie was made and if you watch the first 30 mins of this interview, everything starts to make sense...but it's still insane. Anyway...I spent two hours of my life on this. I'm off to go read Kafka's Investigations of a Dog and contemplate existence.

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