Her ★★★★★

Her is a film that really resonates with the times we're living in, we are spending more and more time in the cyber world at the expense of physical social interactions.
The story depicts a man Theodore Twombly who has recently separated from his wife and is on the verge of a divorce, he starts to isolate himself away from the real world and buys a new operating system; once the system is operational the artificial intelligence gives herself the name Samantha and over the course of the film we see a relationship develop between the two.
Jonze is able to capture the isolation and loneliness of the main character through the use of the sterile locations and open cityscape shots, we look out upon a city in which thousands of people are living, but they're all strangers; they've lost the ability to connect with others and their own surroundings. It's a theme that is becoming more prevalent as we enter a new digital age.
Her is beautifully shot and acted and is another wonderful film from Spike Jonze, but at times it's hard to engage with the characters because they are so withdrawn and difficult to connect with, but this is a small flaw in what could be a contender for my film of the year.

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