Movie 43

The poster for this is such a reach: "The biggest cast together in the biggest comedy ever!" Yeah... "biggest comedy flop* ever" is more like it. The plot is extremely lazy and leaves nothing to be desired. It did a pretty amazing job of not making me laugh. The 1 star goes to the beautiful women in this movie who were nice to look at. But overall, the movie was shit. I don't ever know how to review this because there were 13 different directors. And I really think that's where this makes it struggle. It's sporadic and over the top. I admire the courage they had and it's a cool idea to collaborate with such a huge amount of people, but it certainly did not pay off. Peter Farrelly directed the most skits and I'm a huge fan of his (Dumb and Dumber, Kingpin, Green Book, etc. etc.) but this was disappointing on so many levels. I almost feel like this movie was made for 14 year old boys. Like that is the sole demographic because honestly, I don't know who else would ever want to rewatch this movie over and over.