Cinderella ★★

I wasn't actually planning on watching this, but I got very curious. I just knew I would be annoyed with most of the actors, especially Camila. I know she's a really talented singer, I actually like some of her songs, but I'm just not a huge fan of her. And I was not that excited when she was cast as the iconic role. I mean, her and the cast's performances here aren't that bad, and the actors looked like they had fun doing this. But since their characters, and the whole film actually, were written poorly as expected, they became really cringey to watch. The script is corny, the happenings are all over the place, and there were only one or two effective jokes. I also didn't like the song choices, and I was most annoyed with the lead whenever she was singing. Some musical numbers were still kinda enjoyable, though. Most of them were well-choreographed, and even though I feel like the production designs and costumes could be better, they're still pretty decent to look at. I guess the message of the movie is nice too. And there were a few surprising turns of events I liked. I actually didn't get bored even for a 2-hour runtime. But that's because there were a lot of laughable parts that I don't think are intentional. Anyway, I don't care if they create more remakes or adaptations of this character. I just hope they'll do it way better than this.

"Nothing in life ever stays the same, good or bad." – Fabulous Godmother

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