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  • Let It Snow

    Let It Snow


    Warm, fuzzy movie with likable characters and an interesting enough mix of different dramatic storylines that come together in the end with the perfect amount of feel-good resolution. It’s fun, predictable and just what everyone needs in a holiday movie. And Amen to the diverse cast!

  • Fallen


    I haven’t read the book series this is based on, and frankly I’m not intrigued enough by the storyline, characters or world building to pick up the series after watching this film. It’s a story that felt way too predictable from the beginning - I was confused that the movie seemed to make it so obvious, while also dragging out the “suspense” of knowing what exactly is going on with the main characters. The love triangle aspect seemed unnecessary, and…

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  • Ernest Goes to Camp

    Ernest Goes to Camp


    Good for Ernest for being a thing at the time! I really have no idea who thought this movie was necessary or even why they made more. It's inane, and many scenes often serve as sight gags or feature physical humor than actually advancing plot and characters. The humor is cartoonish, broad and over the top. And Ernest as a character isn't likable or appealing enough to carry the film to me.

  • Outrageous Fortune

    Outrageous Fortune


    This female buddy movie builds a great friendship between two opposites in Lauren and Sandy - one uptight, over-achieving and prim, and the other brash, colorful and street-smart (I'm sure you can guess which actress plays who). And for that I am grateful - as it's sadly rare to see a film starring and featuring two women at this time. However, the female POV is often trivialized - most notably in their reaction to finding out that the man they…