Busting ★★★

I can see what they are attempting here, but they are only marginally successful. Gould and Blake play a couple of cool yet disillusioned vice cops determined to take a kingpin down only to find a web of corruption that leads straight to the halls of justice. Undeterred they continue to work and ultimately solve the case only to once again be shut down by the powers that be.

Sadly the film doesn't quite know what it wants to be and vacillates between a buddy cop action flick and a straight up hang out film. Gould is excellent as usual. Blake is just okay. Always reliable Alan Garfield is great as the crime lord Rizzo. The look and tone of the film are perfect. They shoot the under belly of LA in all it's seedy glory leaving the palm trees and sun kissed majesty for other films. It looks great and has a convincing gritty authenticity that is ultimately failed by a narrative that never gels into anything satisfying.

Probably the most notable thing about this film is that it was the inspiration for Starsky and Hutch. Gould was clearly the inspiration for David Starsky with his Letterman jackets, curly hair and cool demeanor. Future Huggy Bear actor Antonio Vargas even pops up in a scene.

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