Tenet ★★★★½

100% Spoiler free

There is no denying that Christopher Nolan is a special director who seemingly approaches every film he makes with a desire to bring something new and engaging to the screen; with Tenet he accomplished this in spades. From the film’s opening moments, until its rapturous conclusion, you are treated to things that are both familiar and that you have never experienced before.

Nolan’s innovation is not only on display, but flagrantly flaunted through both his captivating visuals and perfectly complex plot. It is one of  those stories that will have you chewing on what happened for days, weeks and years. That said, I personally found it to be more straightforward and digestible than the likes of Interstellar or even Inception.

John David Washington cements himself as a movie star with this film. He is effortlessly charming and made for an interesting protagonist. Pattinson was the absolutely perfect compliment to Washington both in his screen presence and the sidekick manner in which he was written.

If I have a small complaint, it’s that Nolan’s sound mix was again a touch aggressive. The exhilarating and inventive Ludwig Göransson score stands tall and precision sound effects put you in the action. Unfortunately both made the dialogue a touch hard to follow at times, compounded by a variety of accents. We had the benefit of a new theatre with killer audio, but I still felt I missed the odd thing.

Tenet is a film that demands multiple viewings, but is also immediately accessible. It was a showcase of a plethora of new and different cinematic experiences that do demand to be digested for the first time on the big screen, (if you can safely muster it). An unequivocal recommend from me 4.5/5⭐️