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  • Antisocial



    Antisocial is about a group of five university friends that plan a New Year's Party. As the evening progresses and guests don't start arriving, they find out that there is an outbreak of some type of virus that is causing people to turn violent.

    It's a pretty simple movie with the five friends being on screen for the majority of the movie. They work together to try and figure out the source and how they can avoid getting infected. There…

  • The Bunker

    The Bunker


    Der Bunker is a weird movie and one that is going to be hard to write too much about I think. There's not a lot in it in regards to horror other than the entire situation being pretty horrifying for those involved, but not in a 'masked man is going to kill you' type of horror.

    The movie starts with a man walking through a forest and coming to his destination which seems to be some type of underground bunker/house.…

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  • The Triangle

    The Triangle


    I had actually first heard about this a year or two ago and hadn't been able to find a copy of it until just recently. A lot of people hate found footage - I'm not one of them. I think it's actually probably my favorite, go-to subgenre/style and I also find cults/alternative societies pretty interesting so when they come together it's pretty much a guarentee I'll check it out. Since I watch a lot of found footage it's hard to…

  • Camera Obscura

    Camera Obscura


    Camera Obscura is about a woman who buys a vintage camera for her husband at an estate sale. Her husband suffers from PTSD and hasn't been working so she hopes the camera will interest him enough to get him taking pictures again (he was a war photographer). He starts to take some pictures with the old camera and once he gets the images back from being developed he sees various peoples deaths in the photos. As he figures out the…