Miracle at St. Anna ★★

How has Spike Lee not yet been dubbed an honorary Italian? Do The Right Thing, Jungle Fever, Clockers, Summer of Sam, She Hate Me and now here he is shooting in the mother land itself. I wish I could say this was his magnum opus on the subject of African-Americans and Italians but it's far too jumbled and formless to be much of anything. Spike Lee's cinema was not meant to document organic locations like the forests where many of the films battles take place. So much of this film does not look like a Spike Lee Joint that when you are confronted by a traditional Spike image it seems out of place. Many of his films are scattered dissertations on ideas that interest him, but this one is not able to get it together in the end. The cinematography is beautiful and there are some nice moments, but I find myself sad to say this is the first Lee film I have no interest in re-watching.