Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

I'm constantly surprised that this film received a nomination for Best Director. I'm not saying that it didn't deserve it (in fact it probably deserved to win) but I'm amazed that The Academy was able to appreciate what Lynch did here after probably a single viewing. I've seen this film close to ten times in my life and I still don't completely understand it. In fact I don't want to ever completely understand it. I may have theories about this and that which excite me, but a significant portion of what I love about this film is that there will always be a degree of mystery, something new to discover. That David Lynch was able to sew all these little vignettes into a whole that feels cohesive is a small miracle. That The Academy was able to recognize this and nominate the direction of THIS film over something as hyperbolic as Baz Luhrmann's work on Moulin Rouge! is a BIG miracle. Sometimes the good guys get lucky.

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