Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★

This was very weird. I liked some of it..I think. But it still just feels like Homecoming to me. I was expecting this to be so much better than Homecoming. It was better, but not by much. I’m trying to appreciate this version of Spider-Man where he’s still a kid and still trying to figure everything out, but Tony Stark is dead and Peter is still finding ways to mooch off his wealth and resources. That just cheapens Spider-Man so much for me. 

Mysterio was really cool, and so was Peter and MJ’s little thing. I think that was handled really well. Ned was actually not bad in this! He probably made me laugh the most honestly, and I hated him in homecoming. But he was hilarious in this. 

Good God the overuse of CGI in this movie knows how to take you right out of it. Some effects were alright and looked good, like all the elementals and everything, but like the swinging and stuff looked terrible most of the time. That first battle with the water elemental was making Peter look AWFUL. Oh God, it was hard to watch. It’s bad when the Spider-Man PS4 swinging looks better than this movie. Just stop using so much damn CGI. 

I just felt like there was something so cheap about this. Everything felt rushed and had no real heart in it. I feel like this movie just shares the same problem with music nowadays, it’s all created on a computer and has no soul. Maybe I’ll like it better on a rewatch. I’m just kinda disappointed. Something about this Spider-Man isn’t clicking with me and I was hoping this was gonna be the movie to change that for me. But I did love Mysterio, I liked the romance between Peter and MJ, and that post credits scene did put a big smile on my face!

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