Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★½

An extremely well made, unique, and unpredictable Spider-Man story. This movie is just fantastic and the creators are geniuses. I want to see more of Miles Morales and I want to see more of this animation! The score in this is also incredibly inspiring and exciting, especially that Prowler theme! Anytime Prowler comes on screen, that annihilation-esque eerie music plays and it is my favorite in the movie. 

My only problem that I have is that while the rap/hip hop music definitely fits this world and modern day NYC and everything, there’s still only so much I can take of it. That sunflower song might be the most annoying thing on the planet, but like...it fits Miles. I don’t know what is, I just hate that kind of music. But it fits the atmosphere so I don’t really know how to feel about it hahaha. 

This is an epic story and I really hope they make sequels to this.

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