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  • Kiki's Delivery Service
  • Limelight
  • October (Ten Days that Shook the World)
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  • The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

    The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie



    joseph campbell found dead in a pineapple under a pineapple under a pineapple under a pineapple under the sea...the Best of Us (mr. Bob) need not a journey of self-discovery but an odyssey of re-assertion...the unraveling of hierarchy, the king has no clothes...but our protagonists seek not to overthrow but re-establish...thematic depth the best artists could only dream to impart found in the simple recurring image of Two Krusty Krabs


    what i'm trying to say is that SpongeBob…

  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections


    Hello, friends!

    In collaboration with my talented friend Evelyn, I've just finished a video analysis of Resurrections!!

    Resurrections continues to make my brain go brrrr and has inspired me more than perhaps anything I've ever seen, to the point that even 38 minutes feels far too slight to capture everything about it. That being said, I do think we did a good job getting at a few novel angles and going into more depth than otherwise possible!

    Love you all, and hope y'all are doing okay :)

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  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Hasn't he been through enough?

    There's a feeling of futility to writing negatively about a film that seems to, for better or worse, have captured the public's attention to such a degree that praise is ecstatic and virtually unanimous. Especially so when the broad strokes of your issues with it are more so a reflection of industry trends that are by now well-established and moving with an urgency in one direction than anything specific to the film itself.

    No Way…

  • Annette



    If Holy Motors was Carax's tribute to the human body in motion and early cinema's limitation to the contained scene, Annette is his exploration of the film industry's mid-20th century foundational canon of romance films and, of course, musicals, and where we are now as the 21st century moves forward but popular media remains bound to the past, content to wrap old ideas in new clothing.

    Underneath the moonlight
    My good friend, Pierrot

    The film's opening lines, taken from the…