Alien Resurrection

Alien Resurrection ★★

Disclaimer: knowing in advance that Joss Whedon wrote this, I decided to just read a plot synopsis and watch the damn thing on mute with no captions. So keep in mind that this decision may have affected my feelings toward the film...

Maybe it's just that I don't really care about Alien as a franchise, but I didn't find this THAT bad? At least it has some goddamn style; really crispy cinematography and effects in this one. I love the look of the film.

But damn I could still somehow tell the dialogue sucked lol. I can't even lip-read, it's just something in the mannerisms of the actors that gives off cringe vibes. And that plot is There were choices made, and they were interesting but not in particularly good ways.

Regardless, if this is the black sheep of the franchise, I'm really looking forward to the successive films...

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