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  • Garrincha: Joy of the People
  • A Boy Named Charlie Brown
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  • Benediction



    Asks a simple question: how does love come alive amidst the sharpest cruelties? This is not as abstract as one might think. It is with clear transference that love takes the mantle of ethical duty -- in other words, it refers to the act that can remain alive as a necessity when it is made impossible within prevailing im/moral coordinates.

  • Bad Lieutenant

    Bad Lieutenant


    A Taxi Driver re-formulation placing the protagonist more 'in' the world of NY drives and scores, but as a result, doomed to be inverted away from Bickle's trajectory of inaction --> action (impotency --> fatal, impossible potency) and instead experiences directly the impotency of being "the guy who acts" (a police lieutenant). He demands of the nun and of God to be his master and guarantee his actions as righteous. This is one of the best texts refuting the popular…

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  • Nathan for You: Finding Frances

    Nathan for You: Finding Frances

    Maci, a hired escort: It's kinda weird having cameras around, right?
    Nathan Fielder: We could turn them off if you want.
    M: laughs Could we?
    NF: Do you want to?
    M: Does that defeat the purpose?
    NF: What's the purpose?
    M: You're filming something. It's kinda the purpose, right?
    NF: We do have this drone. It'd be cool to get a drone shot, maybe.

    Nathan Fielder's just fucking brilliant TV show has always been built around the similitudes between…

  • Sicario


    There are a few things you will see many crime thrillers have in common. Among them are the ominous aerial shots, night-vision photography, and scenes operating with only a single limited light source. Denis Villeneuve no doubt uses all three of these, but it is the subtle impressionist inflections he adds to them which sets this film far apart. I am going to focus on his aerial shots for two reasons: One, they especially stand out for their exceptional ability…