Star Trek: First Contact ★★★★★

“You people are astronauts, on some kind of Star Trek”

I wont pretend that I’m able or willing to be objective about Star Trek: First Contact. I have heavy nostalgia for this movie and watched my childhood VHS copy until the tape wore out. I love Patrick Stewart’s performance, I love the way it gives some greater finality and weight to the show’s “Best of Both Worlds” story arc, this film has some of the greatest spaceship model work period, the sound design and costumes are fantastic and the addition of James Cromwell, Alfre Woodard and Alice Krige in the cast is great. This is the only Star Trek movie that leans into action in a way that feels in line with the show, this has the best use of the Borg, it’s got some of Captain Picard’s rawest moments, I love First Contact and I’ve got nothing bad to say about it.