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  • The Ladykillers

    The Ladykillers


    Going in, I was expecting to hate The Ladykillers. It's pretty much everyone's pick for the worst Coen Brothers movie, right? While my goal for 2017 is to watch every Coen Brothers movie, I cannot so far definitely say whether or not The Ladykillers is their worst movie (I might never be able to say, because who am I to say if it's their worst or not?). I will say this, though: I enjoyed the movie very much honestly.


  • Sand Castle

    Sand Castle


    I'll be completely honest up front: I only watched this for Glen Powell (and Henry Cavill, too-- but mostly for Glen).

    The first half of the movie is exactly what you'd expect-- simply average as heck. The latter half gets somewhat better, but not by much. I didn't expect it to be very good, so I can't complain.

    Maybe it's just me, but I found it very hard to root for the soldiers (yes, even Glen). Nicholas Hoult's character is…

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  • The Ticket

    The Ticket


    Dan Stevens gives a great performance in this otherwise average movie. Great score, too.

  • You're Next

    You're Next


    One of my new favorite horror comedies (joining the Evil Dead franchise, The Cabin in the Woods, etc). Sharni Vinson's Erin and Dan Stevens' "David" (from The Guest) should totally square off (or team up?) in Adam Wingard's next movie.

    As much as I fucking hate jump scares, my biggest complaint actually comes from the type of jump scares. For example, there are at least three jump scares that involve someone breaking through a window. Like, c'mon now. If you're gonna put jump scares in your movie, at least have some fucking variety!