the definitive ode to the filmmaker 

Federico Fellini’s 8 1/2 is plain and simply one of the greatest artistic expressions i’ve ever seen. seeped with the directors own personal experiences and creative struggles, all told through the black spectacled eyes of its protagonist, Guido Anselmi. Guido, and his connections to Fellini, are definitely the most compelling and rich parts of the story and this makes him one of the greatest characters in cinema. His complex psyche and less than respectable views on the women in his life all help to form the bouquet of mental turmoil that is Guido. Fellini expertly weaves reality and fantasy with his deft and fluid camera movements. the cinematography is crisp and contrasted. some shots have a permanent reserved spot in my brain. 8 1/2 also features what i believe to be some of the greatest opening and closing sequences in film. some may find it boring or pretentious, but to me this film is an absolute and unrelenting masterpiece, and the best film
about film.

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