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  • The Victim

    The Victim


    The great Leung Kar-yan stars in a role as sifu to Sammo Hung (who's also in the director's chair). At face value the movie sets up this fairly standard "student seeks training from sifu" -plot but as it plays out, it delivers a few remarkable twists and tonal shifts. The typical Sammo comedy suddenly turns into a rape-revenge story. One straight-up drama scene, which was tonally very much at contrast with the rest of the film, actually landed a punch…

  • City Hunter

    City Hunter


    Had me equal parts entertained and cringing with classic slapstick material, great setpieces, lots of visual gags & one-liners that are fun to watch and also some tasteless ones that could have been found on a seedy bar's bathroom wall. A few of the comedic elements show their age for better or worse and surely some of them could not be considered politically correct by 2019's standards but I don't require all of my entertainment to be.

    An awkward cabaret number…

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  • Cinema of Vengeance

    Cinema of Vengeance


    An entertaining montage of clips from various genre classics spanning the breadth of Hong Kong and Taiwanese action cinema and even some Western (Cannon Films) stuff near the end. The clips tend to feel a bit overly long and spoilery at times but are interspersed with short 'behind-the-scenes' and interview parts that add some interest at least by being a time capsule of the late 80s and early 90s HK action industry, when most of these segments seem to have…

  • Police Story

    Police Story


    Pure gold

    I'm glad Jackie included a few very well choreographed fight scenes in the pandemonium of elaborate and highly entertaining action set pieces. The stunts in this movie are just marvellous and honestly quite insane. Oldschool and real stuntwork combined with some classic slapstick comedy. The pie-in-the-face scenes had me in stitches, just perfect & timeless. Funny seeing renowned Shaw Brothers wuxia director Chor Yuen hamming it up as a crime boss.