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  • The Naked Spur

    The Naked Spur


    Absolutely fantastic. It's a taunt, intense movie that gets its grip on you early and never let go.

    It's a pretty basic story, but very well told. Jimmy Stewart is looking for a man wanted for murder. He unwantingly picks up some partners early on. Complications ensue. There's an awful lot of interplay and rival agendas going on until the last reel.

    Also, the film looks majestic. Not only is it an early color western, but it was filmed in…

  • Enough Said

    Enough Said


    This is sooooooo close to being an absolutely wonderful movie. Sooooo very, very close. It has a lot going for it. The characters are great. The interactions between them are usually great. They feel like real people having real issues. Usually. Plus the film has some heart, so you really care. Man, this movie was so close.

    But there's one thing. It's a thing that happens about, oh, about 40 minutes it. The thing itself isn't so bad, but a…

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  • Ninotchka



    A film of very impressive strengths: the cast is wonderful, it's very funny, and in particular the first half-hour is brilliant.

    But it also has its problems. The romance shifts from sparring to love too damn rapidly, some of the political talk is stodgy, and it goes on far too long.

    Parts of the film deserve 5/5 stars. Parts deserve 3/5. So I give it 4/5, but I like it more than most films in that bracket.

  • Woman of the Year

    Woman of the Year


    Parts are dated and a lot of it is formulaic. Between this and Father of the Bride, I get the feeling that Spencer Tracy is the godfather of the sitcom. He didn't do TV, but some of these old movies of his feel like the Birth of Trope.

    The stars are excellent, though. They really do work well together.