Halloween ★★★★★

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i’m starting off the spooky month of october with a horror classic that also happens to be one of my favorite films, halloween. this is such a suspenseful, awesome film thats perfect for getting cozy on a couch with a bowl of candy corn & lit up candles. & i will never understand how people call it boring, it’s far from that. john carpenter is seriously a genius, ESPECIALLY the music he created, it’s so effective, seriously eerie, & perfectly sets the tone. it’s already so scary & creepy that it doesn’t even need the bloody gore for the kills, i love that about this. i also really admire how simple halloween is, it’s very straightforward. the scenes don’t drag on & i think the pacing is great imo. the whole ending scene of the film where michael is chasing laurie through the house all the way to the very end of the film is so chilling & THE MUSIC I TELL YOU, THE MUSIC IS SO EFFECTIVE & SCARY.  jamie lee curtis is a LEGEND & i love her. 
happy october everyone!! 🎃🔪

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