Hereditary ★★★★½

spoiler alert! 🎃

this film was incredibly thrilling. hereditary was a very tragic & riveting family drama story that was bundled together with fantastic performances & wonderful cinematography & writing. the scene with peter in his bedroom listening as his mother walks to the car to find what remains of charlie is such an emotional & powerful scene. tension is written all over this. it was a horror film that i haven’t really seen before, it had a very subliminal feel to it, which i thought was done very well, other films that try to do this fall flat imo. this film being creepy as it is, was also extremely sad especially in regards to the mother played by toni collette whom gave a phenomenal performance. 

now on to the negatives........i felt as if this movie couldve had a bigger more impactful ending, i don’t feel like anything was explained & everything happening in the last 10 minutes was very abrupt. YES, the ending still was extremely creepy & terrifying but without the explanation i would’ve wanted.

OVERALL, a very magnificently dark & beautiful film.