Tangerine ★★★★

I have been meaning to see this movie for a while with a mixture of curiosity and caution. Most movies that would cover this territory (Trans women prostitutes, one out of prison, etc) would treat this as a tragedy, or make the focus of the movie be on how hard it is in the margins.
It's a relief that Tangerine is a bright, loud, beautiful and saturated comedy drama. The focus isn't on them being African American trans women prostitutes, but focuses on Sindee wanting to get back at her boyfriend and at the woman he cheated with, and on Alexandra wanting to have her big performance and be there for her friend. It is very fast and feels like it's going a mile a minute at points with amazing energy, then stops to catch its breath and enjoy the moment.
It's also a relief that a movie with transgender characters doesn't pity those characters, doesn't explain trans 101, and lets the characters be actual humans. The people in Tangerine would have been on Jerry Springer when that show was around, and it's a twist and a relief to see these same characters that we as a society use to mock (still do sadly enough) be strong, be flawed, and be there for each other.
The soundtrack is booming, it is bombastic, get it. It's really good trap music. Anything that could be said about the visuals has been said by those who can write and talk better than I can in many many ways.
It's not perfect though. There's one scene where one character attacks another that is played for laughs rather than the violence it is. There are some slurs in there and misgendering. If you're sensitive to that, be cautious.
But seriously, if you want to see a movie where trans people are treated as people, this is the fucking movie.