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  • Cat Girl

    Cat Girl


    The atmosphere kicks off right with the heavy rain at the old dark house. Ernest Milton nails the sinister mad scientist, as does Lily Khan as his aid/housekeeper. Additionally, Barbara Shelley sells the ravenous, vengeful sensuality one would expect of a film clearly based upon Cat People (1942).

    The first act gave some expectations that this might be a gem. Pushing some boundaries a little farther than expected.

    However, the story dulls the whole film. Filling the run time with…

  • The Snake Woman

    The Snake Woman


    The half has all of the ideas and some nice visuals. After that The Snake Woman become repetitive and seems to be trying to find a way to get to an end. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the performance fit the type of film The Snake Woman is. A solid b-horror.

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  • City of God

    City of God


    I finally made my way around to Meirelles' City of God, viewing this dark shakespearean through '70s exploitation tale, late at night, during the early part of the graveyard shift, whilst holding my newborn son (who sleeps best in one's arms).

    City of God was exhilarating, heart breaking, somber, humourous, and devastating. It was impossible for me not to enjoy the movie before me and by the conclusion of this tale of modern feudal lords waging war, I was in…

  • Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs


    A "Raging Bull" with billionaires.