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  • Halloween Night

    Halloween Night


    Maybe I was too drunk for the nuance of this film? Idk, it was pretty fucking boring.

  • Suffer, Little Children

    Suffer, Little Children


    Even at 76 minutes the front end of this kind of felt like a slog. Just a lot of kids in a house and weird office scenes. But when shit goes off the rails, it's pretty great. And a fun theme song to boot!

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  • The Devil and Father Amorth

    The Devil and Father Amorth


    I had to run a screening of this for an event at work tonight. Friedkin was there and I got to spend a good amount of time with him which was definitely more enjoyable than watching the movie from the booth with audio coming through the monitor. In case anyone was wondering, William Friedkin doesn't "need no condiments" on his "hotdog sandwich."

  • I Downloaded a Ghost

    I Downloaded a Ghost


    This was the perfect movie for a lazy Sunday morning during the opening weekend of Hooptober. A goofy, lighthearted romp that was begging for commercial breaks filled with ads for spooky Happy Meals, snacks, toys, and other seasonal happenings. There were references to movies that would have flown over kids' heads--I guess something for the adults that were made to sit through this when their TV was comandeered on weekend mornings.

    But I understand where the disdain this movie gets on here comes from--it's because you're jaded and hate fun.

    But I don't get why this film was originally released April...