For years I have heard everyone rave about it but I simply had no interest in watching it, finally at the insistence of others I agreed to see it.

Given the love most people have for this film, I know that this won’t make me popular but I didn’t really enjoy or like the movie

It could have been due to my bias of not wanting to see it for so long or it could have been for the storyline itself, I mean come on the first half of the movie nothing happens .. Wall-e is alone on the planet by himself #boring. I get that it’s more so about the emotional connection he forms with Eve, when she finally shows up and how beautiful it is for a garbage disposal unit to have a heart & live in hope of finding true love but ‘meh’

The animation it’s self is obviously well done as it is Pixar. Yes Wall-e was adorable, but you know who else was adorable Johnny-5 and he was in a much more entertaining movie

Overall the movie failed to engage me; unless the point was to question why were the people in the movies Wall-e was watching actual human people but the people Wall-e interacts with were cartoons? Did that not annoy anyone else? What was the point of that? I found it really irritating!