Knoxville Horror FIlm Fest 2010

The second annual Knoxville Horror Film Fest ran October 22-23, 2010 at Relix Variety Theatre.

Special events included live music from Damaged Patients.

Missing from Letterboxd: Sam Hain, Thems, House Call, Father's Day, Monomaniacal, Nightmare at Number 92, Til Death, Cabine of the Dead, The Pile, Vision, Super Rocket V8, The Horror of Our Love, Chloe and Attie, The Next, Hold Your Fire, Nightmare at Bunnyman Bridge, Tumbleweed Holocaust, Breakfast With A Serial Killer, La Piñata, Sound of Slaughter and Solving Problems.

Read notes
  • Night of the Punks
  • Off Season
  • Unholy Night
  • Death in Charge
  • Get Off My Porch
  • Tub
  • St. Christophorus: Roadkill
  • Deus Irae
  • Fallow
  • Full Employment
  • Colin