Lightyear ★★★½

When Pixar Studios announces a new film every year, it deserves the benefit of the doubt. But when Lightyear was released, I had reservations because the critics were divided, but I still went for it. Happily, it's not as bad as some say, but it's also not as great as their previous films, especially the story, which isn't really new or unique, though it still works as a whole. The impressive thing is that it does not rely on the pitch. It only appears in the first scene before becoming its own entity.

I wanted to give this film four stars, but because they didn't cast Tim Allen as Buzz's voice, I only gave it three and a half stars, even though Palmer and Evans are excellent. Whatever the case, as far as spin-offs go, Lightyear is a lot of fun. The visuals and Michael Giacchino's score are two of the film's strongest points. A delicious spoof of bombastic space film visuals and music that elevates every scene it appears in.

Pixar, you did a good (but not great) job. Another successful mission. They still manage to provide two and a half solid moments that can elicit a heavy flow of water from your eyes. I was hoping for more tears, but the film is still a Pixar success. It succeeds as an enjoyable adventure film about family.

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