Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★★★

I was happy to see this at my local theater and it was a perfect satirical farce that hits way to close home. Interesting look at what our society would do in a situation like this, which makes it a great snap shot of our world in 2021. This film is incredibly funny but there are some moments where you think that some of the stuff can actually happen in real life which was pretty upsetting to think about.

The cast is superb, highlighted by the Leo and Jennifer Lawrence. The fact this movies got probably the best actors in the game is a testament to director Adam McKay, who continues to be one of the most fascinating and polarizing directors working. 

Mark Rylance stole the damn show! He’s so creepy and off putting as he absolutely nails the “dark Steve Jobs/ Jeff Bezos” thing he was trying to go for. His character is frightening. 

Satire is a genre of films that we don’t get enough of. When it’s done correctly we end up with classics like Dont Look Up 

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