Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom ★★★

What I care about bad luck? You talking simple. I ain't had nothing but bad luck all my life. Couldn't get no worse. What the hell I care about some bad luck? Hell, I eat it every day for breakfast! You dumber than I thought you was... talkin' about 'bad luck.'

A great informative tale of racial struggle in the 1920s that gives us a small glimpse of what black people went thru in that time. Great music is at the center of the film, but make no mistake about it, this story is all about the two main characters Ma and Levee. 

Viola Davis is exceptional as Ma. Her transformation is incredible and her presence felt during the whole movie. You see why she doesn’t trust anyone and you can feel her anger reverberate through the screen.   

Chadwick Boseman was born to play Levee. He puts on a absolute acting clinic. He runs through the gambit of emotions as his character is all over the place. He has so many incredible monologues about music, family, and death you can’t help but get a little emotional during some of his scenes. You can see why he’s the front runner all the awards races. Very well deserved. 

At a quick 94 minute run time, this movie is absolutely worth a watch just for Viola and Chadwicks performances alone.

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