Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

It'll be just like in the movies. Pretending to be somebody

Once you're done, it never goes out of your head, that's why I'm here reviewing this immortal masterpiece.

The key to basic understanding in Mulholland Dr is that when we dream often we change characteristics and identification of those we know, in dreams we merge people, changing names by recombining aspects of characters that do not match them in the real world.

The pillow represents the invitation to come face to face in the film, everything that has been shown since then has been a dream come true from the head of the protagonist who dreamed of being an actress and living with her beloved Camille/Rita.
Although, Betty is created, the embodiment of kindness and talent, the opposite of herself who is always smiling and willing to face it all.
The highlight to unveil everything that happened is at the dinner scene, where Diane suffers psychological humiliations that wipe out her conscious and we come across almost every individual in which they have been readjusted in her mind.

Distressed and destroyed, hires a professional assassin to kill her ex-lover, her regret destroys her and goes in search of a refuge, her escape is a bed of roses, an unreal fairy tale set up to satisfy her most abrupt needs. and cruel.

Lynch is a true genius whom I venerate and admire a great deal, what he has achieved here is magnificent, brilliantly shows the great horror of living in a frustrating life and meeting happiness in fantasy when brutal reality is no longer welcome to someone in the dark

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