The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★★

First of all :
1. Furby is a not a toy, it is nightmare fuel. I hate them, they aren't cute, they are evil.
2. The animation is just perfect. Yes, it has a strong Spider-Verse vibe but it isn't a problem in my opinion. If I remember correctly Spider-Verse and this movie share the same animation team.

Good parts: Most of the jokes made me laugh and the characters are very funny too, in their own unic ways. Finnaly a movie about "tehnology bad" without cringe boomer humour. The animation is a big plus for this movie. The story was a little predictable at some points but it isn't a big deal. Giant evil Furby, it is impossible not to love it. Finnaly one of my country's songs appear in a movie ( Dragostea din tei, first song from the Mitchells's playlist ).
Bad parts: Once again the world is saved by love and friendship. I want my villan have a real fight with the hero, not just "look I love myself and/or my friends now, *slap* villan, evil character die, The end".

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